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2. Pre-production

2. Pre-production

Our second step at WO is where we start getting creative, and this is when we do everything we need to prepare for a successful video or ad shoot– creating the storyboard, visual planning, scouting the best locations, crafting the script, preparing a production schedule, auditioning talent and preparing the cast, hiring and preparing a crew, securing equipment, finding and securing locations, selecting wardrobes and so on. It’s really the foundation of building the project.

Pre-production is quite simply preparing everything needed in order to have a successful video/ film shoot. This is also the perfect time to source additional help the project may require, such as make-up artists, hair stylists, additional voice overs or photographers. It’s loads of work, and it’s pivotal as this phase involves important decision making that affect the success of the next three phases and the quality of the final product. It’s important to spend appropriate time here and get all those decisions right. And the last important process in this phase to carry out here is to create a timeline. Set yourselves targets of when you want to have the filming completed, the final edited videos ready to go online etc.


May 4, 2017